Event Kit: Save Your Photos Month

Thank you for helping us educate people about Save Your Photos Month by hosting an event. This page contains everything you need* to support your efforts. The official campaign period runs from August 1st to October 15th. We encourage you to hold your event during September, but you may hold your event in the last two weeks of August or the first two weeks of October. The official date for Save Your Photos Day is Saturday, September 29th, 2018, the last Saturday in September. 


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Our History: Fact Sheet
This tool can be used in a variety of ways;  

  • Distribute to potential partners or vendors you want to collaborate with

  • Use in an information pack for potential venues such as Libraries or community centers

  • Marketing and promotions for your event such as local radio & TV stations

  • As a handout for your guests

Our History: Download here 


Logo Package & Style Guide
Logos are provided for use in your local and online marketing efforts. Please limit your marketing use to our campaign period which runs from August 1st, through October 15th. Logos may only be used to support, market and promote your registered event. Logos may not be used to market events or presentations that are not part of the official Save Your Photos Month Campaign (September). 


Logo package: Download here  


Social Media Graphics & Tip Cards

This package contains a set of Social Media graphics, sized for various platforms, to help promote Save Your Photos Month. We also created 30 Tip Cards sized for Facebook and Instagram for you to share on your own pages. Please download and read the Social Media Guide first.


Social Media Guide: Download here

Social Media Graphics: Download here

Social Media Tip Cards: Download here


Event Guide
This handy event guide will help you determine the type of event you want to hold and a checklist to help you plan your event. 


Event Guide: Download here 


Presentation Slides
These slides are an adaptation of a presentation held by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers during Save Your Photos Month 2017 and contain helpful content and useful tips for listeners. The full presentation is editable, with the exception of images used in the slides. We have provided a full presentation and a branded, blank presentation for your use. 


Download google fonts Raleway and Poppins before viewing presentations. If viewing in Dropbox, some images and transparencies may not be visible. Download for optimal viewing.



Full Presentation Powerpoint: Download here
Blank Presentation Powerpoint: Download here 


Watch last years presentation here: watch Save Your Photos 2017 


Presentation Notes & Script
This guide contains a mixture of presenting tips, notes and a script for some of the content. While we have prepared some scripting to make it easy for you to present, you are more than welcome to edit the content to reflect your speaking style. The presentation notes are formatted in a word doc so you can edit. We've also used the above font package for these notes. 


Presentation Notes: Download here


Press Release
Send a press release about your event to local news outlets to help promote your event. This download contains an editable template for a press release and a tip sheet for preparing and sending a press release. 


Press Release: Download here


Register Your Event
We’ll promote your event on our Find an Event listing through August, September, and October if applicable. We do this through our social media campaign, advertising, and online marketing. We will use a State/Province listing which will link to your event details. This will allow you the greatest flexibility for changing your event details as needed. Use the link below to register your event. 


You will need to provide the following during the registration process:

  • Event Name and contact name

  • Date of Event(s) 

  • URL for your Event page (see event guide) 


Register your event here!  

*All powerpoint presentations and support material are the intellectual property of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers and can only be used for its intended purpose during Save Your Photos Month. If you hold regular events as part of your business model, you must refrain from using the term Save Your Photo Month, Save Your Photos, Save Your Photos Day for events that take place throughout the year. This campaign, all materials, logos and other intellectual property can only be used during the campaign period beginning in August through the second week of October.

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors!

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