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One Small Step: Get Started Saving Your Photos

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

The most basic goal of the Save Your Photos effort is simply to get you started on saving and protecting your photos. Just taking a small step in the right direction towards saving your photos from accidental loss.

One of the biggest steps that can be taken is also one of the simplest and can result in the most beneficial change for your photos…locating your printed photos and making sure they are safe.

It’s all a matter of finding where you have been stashing your photos and moving them into your living spaces. One step, one goal…find your family photos and papers and move them to a safer location.

The attic, the basement, the garage, the storage unit: these spaces are for camping gear and gardening equipment, not for our valuable family archives that are made up of vulnerable media including photographs, papers, slides, negatives, film and audio reels, memorabilia, and albums.

Poor storage conditions can have detrimental effects on irreplaceable family memories. Years of temperature and humidity fluctuations will have an impact on the quality and condition of your memory collections potentially causing myriad issues. Dirt and dust may collect in deteriorating storage boxes. Pests may be attracted to paper and glue. Acetate film layers can begin to degrade and break down. Paperclips, staples and film containers can rust. Tape yellows, turns to dust, and becomes difficult to remove.

The main living spaces of our homes are generally the most consistently stable since we keep them that way for our comfort. Family photo and archive collections will benefit and last much longer living with you. Plan to take action and carve out a safe space in your living room, hall closet or guest bedroom to relocate your family photos and important history.

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Meaghan Kahlo, owner of Ephemera Photo Organizing in Seattle, WA, began her professional life with graduate work in museum studies focused on collections management. Her enthusiasm for photography and historical preservation combined with a passion to organize and create order are the driving forces behind her business. Meaghan helps clients transform the ephemeral nature of digital and printed images into meaningful photo solutions for loved ones today and for generations to come tomorrow.

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