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Top 10 Reasons People Don’t Organize Their Printed Photo Collections

Bonnie Shay of Mariposa Photo Organizing shares her Top 10 List of reasons people don’t organize their printed photo collections. Which one (or more) sounds like you?

1.  They are overwhelmed with the quantity of photos they have.

2.  They are embarrassed because they never did anything with the photos while their kids were young.

3.  They expect it to be a bittersweet process seeing people in the photos who have passed away or who they used to be married to, etc.

4.  They don’t know who many of the people are in the old photos so they give up.

5.  They think they will get to it someday when life gets back to “normal.”

6.  They don’t have the time.

7.  Their photos are scattered all over the house, so they don’t even know the true extent of their collection.

8.  All of their photos are well organized in albums, so they think they are all set, but they aren’t as shareable with multiple children and they aren’t backed up (which is what scanning photos provides).

9.  They can’t decide whether to organize them chronologically or by subject matter.

10.  They don’t know a Photo Organizer who can help them.

Did one or more of the reasons sound like you?  Please take a moment to comment and share with us which ones.

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Bonnie Hillman Shay is the founder and owner of Mariposa Photo Organizing in Highland Park, IL. Bonnie combined her 20+ years of experience managing a professional photography business and her natural talent and passion for making order out of disorder to create a top-notch photo organizing business. She helps her clients regain control of their printed and digital photos. She edits and organizes each photo collection and creates end products to tell the client’s story. The end product may be an album of prints, a digital photo book, a slide show, and/or a website for sharing with friends and family.

Bonnie also works with slides, movies/videos of all formats, and memorabilia. She also makes sure each client’s photo history is securely backed up for safety and to share with generations to come.

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