Disaster comes in many forms both natural, and man made.  Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Wildfires may cause evacuations, flooding and catastrophic damage to homes and businesses. While our goal is to help people save their memories BEFORE an unexpected disaster, we recognize that there are still millions of people who do not have a safety plan in place for their treasured photos and videos.

Disasters don’t have to be large scale events to wreak havoc on your photos and videos. A flooded basement from a broken sump pump, an electrical fire that fills a home with soot, computer or device theft or an unexpected computer crash can threaten family photos in an instant.

Working With Water Damaged Photos online course

“Recommendations for cleaning and restoring damaged photos and albums.”How to rescue and recover wet photos FujiFilm Corporation

“A Consumer Guide for the Recovery of Water-Damaged Traditional and Digital Prints.”  Image Permanence Institute with support from Creative Memories

“Photo Recovery” Flip-Pal Mobile Scanners

Helping Photos Weather the Storm (with Video Tips) Pixologie.

If you have resource that you would like to share, please email it to saveyourphotos at appo (dot) org.

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